Florida-Bahamas Synod has a canine graduate!

On June 10 the Synod’s diakonia Program added 30 individuals to its list of graduates —plus one!

The one is Teachi, a medium hair chihuahua. He is 13 years old and has served diakonia graduate student Carolyn Gresham as a therapy dog for eight years. His training is in stroke/seizure alert.

Carolyn says, “Although Teachi is my animal he was instrumental in comfort to my husband in the hospital after his stroke. Actually, Teachi was more comfort to the hospital staff.”

The Redeemer Lutheran Church, Winter Park, site manager, Barb Cilik reports that “Teachi was a delight in class. He absorbed all the lessons during class and has excellent attendance. He missed one class because he was at the Spa. Carolyn says he likes to be clean for Jesus.”

During the April 18th diakonia class, Teachi was presented with his own certificate of completion. The certificate states that Teachi “has attended and performed the duties in the diakonia leadership formation program and is declared a graduate.”

Congratulations Florida-Bahamas Synod graduates!