A New Diakonia National Website

Diakonia has a new website!  If you are on this page, you already know that we have a beautiful new website to help publicize and support the Diakonia program.  Potential students, instructors, and synods looking for a great lay theological education program can discover Diakonia and learn what it has to offer.  You can also find information about the history, mission and vision, and locations of currently participating synods (and how to go about bringing Diakonia to a new synod), curriculum, testimonials, and more.
Those already involved in the program will find a wealth of resources here too!  Each participating synod will have a page that they can use for announcements about current locations, retreats, graduation, continuing education or anything else of interest to their particular area.  Current students and grads will be able to check their synod’s page to find out what is going on.  If you serve on the national board of directors, a synod steering committee, are a location manager or instructor you will be able to log in to a password-protected area of the site to find resources galore.
Here are just some of the items available for administrators:

  • National board members will find past meeting minutes, financial records, and contact info for all of the board members.
  • Steering Committee members will find both graduation and publicity resources – including downloadable logos and the current national brochure.
  • If you are a location manager, you will be delighted to find the devotion schedules, program application and financial aid forms, attendance, grade reports and more.
  • Instructors will have access to sample syllabi from other instructors across the country, Diakonia in Spanish resources as well as a general reference guide for instructors.

Each level of administration will also have access to the other levels they help supervise; National board members can view all four of the password-protected areas, Steering Committee chairs can view the information for Location managers and instructors, and Location managers will have access to the Instructor portion.  Here you will find all the information those who oversee the Diakonia program need to support their own scope of service as well as those they help to direct and support.