Online Classes

Online Classes now available!  2020-2021 schedule

Students that need to complete a few courses or those who are not able to attend classes in person have the option of attending online classes anywhere in the country using the ZOOM meeting app.  You will participate in the class in real time and will be able to see and hear the instructor and other participants.

Contact the person/website listed for more information or to apply.  Tuition for each course is $60. 

Series A courses are: Intro to the New Testament, Early Church History, Biblical Images in the Life of the Church, Lutheran Creeds and Confessions, Visitation of the Homebound and Sick, and Daily Life of a Christian.

Series B courses are Intro to the Old Testament, Christian Doctrine, Faith in the American Context, Communicating the Gospel, Christian Worship and Christian Ethics. (read course descriptions here )

Series A courses  Tuesdays   7-10pm Eastern time

-Offered by the Metro New York synod: Contact  Ms. Liz Hoffmann

Series A courses  Thursdays   6-9pm Central time

Series B courses  Saturdays  9am-Noon Central time

               -Offered by the South Central WI synod.  contact

Series A courses  Saturdays 9-noon Central time

                -Offered by Metro Chicago Synod:  contact Mary Ann Smith

Series A courses Mondays 6-9pm Pacific and Tuesdays 6-9pm Mountain time
Series B courses  Mondays 6:30-9:30pm Mountain and Saturdays 9am-Noon Mountain time

                -Offered by the Grand Canyon Synod: contact William Aurand or visit